On 15th December 2023 over 50 students from different universities under the umbrella of the justice movement uganda had a peaceful match from their university hostels to match to parliament to deliver their petition against the EAST AFRICAN CRUDE OIL PIPELINE (EACOP) which would be the longest heated oil pipeline in the whole world with 1443km long , emitting 34million carbon emissions per year, destroying wildlife nature, farms of very many people both uganda and Tanzania, threatening water species inclusive which part of the people live on these species like fish (Fishers) .

While reaching at the parliament ,the police officers brutally tried to arrest them and many dispersed and police succeeded arresting only four students including BWETE ABDUL AZIIZ, KALYANGO SHAFIQ, LUTABI NICOLAS AND LUBEGA JACOB.

This petition also involves the continued harassment of climate activists across the country where they have unlawfully been detained and prisoned , harassed and their freedom of expression taken away by the state/government,continued intimidation to the climate activists including their lives, education , jobs and Also freedom of movement across the world.

But also just like “Martin Luther” said in the end we remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends, we stand by that to urge all people across the world that are climate friends to continue rising their voices towards this global climate call and that’s how together we shall overcome climate injustices across the world.

“If you want to get something that you have never got , you must do something that you have never done ✅” justice for all.

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