Justice Movement Uganda (JMU): Student-Led Advocacy for Climate Action in Uganda and Beyond

Justice Movement Uganda (JMU) is a dynamic, youth-led movement that emerged in response to the urgent need for climate action in Uganda and on a global scale. Founded by passionate students in Uganda, JMU aims to address the pressing environmental challenges facing their country and the world.

Our Mission and Goals

Justice Movement Uganda (JMU) is on a dedicated mission to address climate change and promote climate justice. Their goals encompass four key pillars:

  1. Climate Education: JMU is committed to educating Ugandan students and communities about the intricacies of climate change, ensuring that they comprehend its causes and consequences. By imparting knowledge, JMU empowers individuals to make informed decisions, fostering a sense of responsibility toward climate issues.

  2. Advocacy: The movement engages in robust advocacy efforts, both at the domestic and international levels, to push for stronger environmental policies. JMU seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bolster climate resilience within communities. They advocate for sustainable, science-driven policies that align with their vision of a climate-resilient future.

  3. Climate Action: JMU takes tangible steps to combat climate change by mobilizing volunteers and resources. Through initiatives like reforestation, clean energy projects, and waste reduction campaigns, they actively work toward mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change on the environment and communities. Their focus is on hands-on, sustainable solutions.

  4. Global Solidarity: JMU recognizes the global nature of climate change and believes in building alliances with other climate movements worldwide. They seek to strengthen the collective effort against climate change by collaborating with like-minded organizations, sharing knowledge, and collectively advocating for climate justice on a global scale.