Advocacy serves as a powerful tool in the fight for climate justice. At Justice Movement Uganda (JMU), we recognize the critical role that advocacy plays in influencing policy, raising awareness, and driving transformative change. Our advocacy efforts are driven by a deep commitment to addressing the root causes of climate change and ensuring a sustainable and equitable future for all.

JMU actively engages in policy analysis to identify gaps and opportunities for climate-related regulations at local, national, and international levels. We believe that effective advocacy begins with a clear understanding of the existing policy landscape. By conducting thorough policy analysis, we pinpoint areas where climate justice principles can be incorporated into legislation and regulations.

We maintain a strong presence in legislative and decision-making processes, advocating for the adoption of stronger environmental policies. Our engagement with policymakers spans various levels of governance, from local authorities to national legislators and international forums. We understand the importance of building relationships with decision-makers and tirelessly conveying the urgency of climate action.